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HTN 138 - Sandstone Estates cooperates with the South African Defence Force School of Armour in joint display

15th September 2006

During the recent Cosmos Festival the Sandstone Heritage Trust in association with the School of Armour put on a demonstration of classic military vehicles which were shown to the public. In addition a special military train was commissioned whereby a select cross-section of military vehicles, largely dating back to the Second World War, were loaded onto a train in order to provide a photographic special for a large number of international steam photographers who had arrived to cover the event.

The pictures tell their own story. We would like to thank the School of Armour, the South African Defence Force, and the South African Armoured Corp for their assistance and close cooperation.

This successful event has led to an arrangement whereby Sandstone will be cooperating with the School of Armour Museum Bloemfontein to assist in the restoration of classic military vehicles which will ultimately be placed in the museum and which will also be put on parade as part of the museum's ongoing social awareness programme.