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Ex Sena Sugar number 6 Peckett 2141/1954

Updated - 15th May 2006

Originally 3ft gauge, it was ordered by Sena Sugar Estates Ltd., and shipped to Chinde, Portuguese East Africa on February 16 1954. This in itself is interesting as 2143 and 2144, also for Sena Sugar Estates were shipped in January 1953, despite having later works numbers. The reason for this anomaly is unknown although it could be connected with the fact that 2141 was originally 3ft gauge.
Originally used on the railway to the sugar mill, it was regauged when the line was connected to the main CFM network. It became Sena No. 6, although this was not visible on the exterior.
When the system closed during the Mozambique civil war, it was stored in the loco shed for many years before being shunted out into the open when the shed was needed as a road vehicle repair shop.
It was here in September 2002 that a delegation from Sandstone found it, and sister loco 2165, built 1958, and three narrow gauge Pecketts, a number of Baguley-Drewry diesel locos, and other equipment.

A deal was duly struck and Sandstone became the owner of 2141 and most of the other locos. One of the problems with
preserving locomotives in Africa, particularly outside South Africa, is a lack of infrastructure, in particular for moving such large items, and this certainly applied here. 2141 was duly moved from the loco shed to the loading wharf and onto Sena Sugar Co's barge, which transported it down the Zambesi. Passing its original arrival port of Chinde, and on to Beira, it was offloaded onto the docks, and kept company with the other ex Sena diesel and steam locomotives. Long discussions then got underway regarding the best and most cost effective method of shipping 2141 and the rest of them to Durban and onwards to Sandstone. Eventually 2141 and a number of other locomotives were loaded in Beira onto the MV Songo on 4 July and arrived in Durban on 13 July 2004. After Customs clearance they were collected by Sandstone road vehicles, the steam locomotives going to Sandstone, the diesels to Sandstone's associate diesel works in Bloemfontein. 2141 is now safely stored and awaiting assessment to decide what is required to return it to working order. Obviously being a relatively small tank loco it is only suitable for short trips.