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Ex USCO number 3 "Klein Ben" (Little Ben) Peckett 1731/1927

Updated - 15th May 2006

Number 3 is a type W6 shunting locomotive and was acquired by Sandstone together with Barclay number 976. It originally worked at the Newcastle Steel Works before being transferred to the USCO Klip Works and Vaal Works in Vereeniging.
The locomotive disappeared for a number of years after being plinthed with the Barclay at the main gate and was saved from scrapping with the Barclay.

The locomotive is unusual for South Africa in being a saddle tank whereby the water tank is mounted over the boiler like a saddle. Sadly the locomotive was the victim of an aborted preservation attempt by some local enthusiasts who stripped off various parts, including the cab, which was subsequently destroyed. Being one of only two Peckett locomotives in South Africa (the other is preserved by South African Breweries in Cape Town), its rarity value ensured its survival. It is currently stored at Ficksburg but the mechanical condition has not been assessed. Many parts are missing, apart from the cab, although some brass fittings were recovered from a locker in the loco shed.