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Ex SAR number NG19 Henschel 21907/1931

Updated - 15th May 2006

Number 19 was one of the locos that double headed the last narrow gauge train in Namibia with number 119, which also survives in Port Elizabeth. Withdrawn in 1986 it eventually found its way to the Alfred County Railway in Port Shepstone. It stood out of use and suffered heavy corrosion in the sea air before being collected in 2002 by Sandstone.

It is now at the Hoekfontein Workshops but is in poor external condition. Such ravages have now been halted in its dry covered surroundings. Mechanically, though, number 19 is in fairly good condition having been given a heavy overhaul in 1983 and fitted with the last built NG15 boiler, no: 7047 from loco number 148 built in 1957, three years before withdrawal. Its withdrawal may have been due to a cracked cylinder but this has not been confirmed.

A new tender will be required though, as the current one is completely rusted. Interestingly number 19 has a narrower type of tender to that fitted to number 17, although number 17 did have the same narrow tender during service in SWA.

Number 19 is on lease lend from Transnet Foundation to Sandstone.