Our breeding herd of Afrikaner oxen and indeed the oxen themselves are great favourites at Sandstone Estates.  A recent visitor from Australia made this point in a recent e-mail to us:


Robert Hadlow [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: 24 May 2011 06:58
Subject: OX-WAGONS. 

As planned, Anne, my wife and I visited Sandstone and we wish to express our thanks for a very pleasant and memorable experience. Viewing your collection of wagons was particularly useful in educating myself of various forms of construction and style. 

In a previous email you mentioned a lack of provenance. Even without that link it is possible to identify the builder of some  wagons. Close inspection of construction style and individual components can offer clues. I am of the opinion that the fore-carriage is the most important assembly for this, especially the method by which the fore-tongue is strengthened or supported. Another is the form of the iron parts. Unfortunately to develop an understanding of the style differences between various builders requires much research and time. 

Another outstanding event during the visit was to see Afrikaner Cattle. I had no idea how big and magnificent these animals are. The horns are impressive and the colour and lustre of their hide is sensational. 

I had two train sets when I was a boy, a Hornby and a Lionel. They were fun but 'Oh Boy' yours is on a scale which warrants astonishment. All that fabulous machinery was a great distraction from the objective of my visit. Looking first at the simple construction of wagons and then the complexity of steam locomotives gives an instant example of the advancement and ability of man. As I type on my PC, alongside is a box of pencils. 

I trust your special event weekend was a steaming success. 

I am developing a 'crush' on South Africa. 

Many and sincere thanks,

Best Regards,       
Bob Hadlow


The cattle have settled down for the winter and every effort is made to keep them warm and secure during the very cold Eastern Free State winters.

Their accommodation is currently being extended as per the photographs below.