Sleeper car project - Coach No 29. Built 1907

One of the benefits of having attempted where possible to save Narrow Gauge assets over the last 20-years is the fact we have accumulated items of considerable interest, much of which tends to go unnoticed and very often unappreciated. 

The Sandstone Heritage Trust has a very interesting and historic compartment carriage which may well have been used for overnight accommodation. It is particularly long for a 2-ft Narrow Gauge wagon/carriage, coming in at 9.2 metres. The pictures below clearly indicate that it has obviously been badly treated in its life but can be rebuilt. 










Diagram published with kind permission from Phil Girdlestone

An enthusiastic visitor to the farm recently pointed out that in his opinion this coach was of significance, and so it turned out to be through the excellent support of Leith Paxton in particular, as well as Phil Girdlestone, we were able to identify, within 24-hours, what it is that we had in stock. 

It is No. 29, an NG N-6, which was built in 1907. This particular series of extended length coaches came in a number of configurations, all of which appear in various drawings below.  However, we have a drawing of No. 29 itself, which will form the basis of our restoration project.  In the gallery of photos below are pictures of the coach as it is now followed by photographs supplied by Leith Paxton of a number of variants of coaches from that particular production run. 








Author unknown - Leith Paxton collection

The configuration of this coach lends itself to a combined sleeping (en suite) and dining/lounge facility. 

Inadvertently we appear to be able to create a mini Rovos Rail or Orient Express on the 2-ft
Narrow Gauge. 

Although overnight trains are rare at the Sandstone Heritage Trust we are always in need of accommodation and this wagon could be used for that purpose. 

Work should commence on this wagon after our Stars of Sandstone event in May this year.