The P. E. track is situated in the residential suburb of Sunridge Park and is part of a sports complex. The main line consists of 3 1/2" and 5" gauges of which the main line is approx. 602m. The outer loop is only about 240m. We generally do not use the shorter line as it traverses the main roadway into grounds and then we also feel obliged to give the passengers a double circuit for their moneys worth. Using the longer ride they only get one circuit.

There is a carriage storage tunnel near the club house that we have just extended by 4.2m. These contain twin lines that can now hold 6 carriages and the diesel on each line. Due to an increase in passengers we are having to construct two more 2m long passenger trucks to cope with the loads. The 4 bogies have just about been completed between Gunter and myself. Gunter doing most of the work. The attached are some photos to give you an idea of what the grounds look like on a typical running day. Station, clubhouse and general.

Brian Simpson


Station View


Club House