Progress Report – Bloemfontein – 14 June 2011 

Lukas Nel has provided the following information:

1) Ex SANRASM O&K locomotive, No. 12691.



The photographs show the locomotive in its fully disassembled state.  Indications are that the boiler is repairable.  We do not have any technical information on this locomotive and would appreciate photographs of these locomotives in use, drawings etc.

If you can assist us please contact Joanne West at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


2) Arn Jung 847 locomotive.

We hope to replace the cylinder next week when they return from the engineering works. They had to machine both the cylinder and valve faces.




3) Kerr Stuart locomotive, No. 4063.

Kerr Stuart, No. 4063, had been restored by Lukas some time back.  However due to a steaming problem the boiler was damaged and the restoration had to be redone. 

The job is nearly complete.

We completed the repairs to the boiler and assembled the locomotive. We did start the paint job last week but bad weather forced us to move on to more suitable work.

(Useful link:




4) Ex SANRASM Avonside, No. 1624.

Once again we appeal to readers of our web site to provide us with some photographs and details of how this locomotive actually looked when it was originally in steam.

The locomotive is now stripped in the Bloemfontein Works.