Orenstein & Koppel locomotives, Nos. 12140 and 11112

We still have a residual stock of O&K locomotives ex Angola. Nos. 121450 and 11112 are partly rebuilt but currently need new boilers.



The Sandstone Heritage Trust is in the process of sourcing suitable units.

Orenstein & Koppel locomotive, No. 12493.

O&K locomotive, No. 12493, is nearly complete. She will have her steam test during October 2010. She is then destined to travel to the Feldbahnmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany.


Orenstein & Koppel locomotive, No. 10311.

This locomotive was the subject of a rebuild some time ago. It is one of the locomotives not rebuilt by ourselves in Bloemfontein. As we have learnt to our detriment this is not a good idea so she was recycled back into the workshop for significant upgrades. A lot of work has been done on this locomotive to date but there is still boiler repairs outstanding. Also when all the pads are fitted Lukas can start to do the specialised work to complete the repairs to the locomotive.



Arn Jung locomotive, No. 847.

Is this our toughest assignment yet?

We don't have much to work on but it is our intention to start the body and framework this month. The locomotive is in very poor condition with no valve motion, side rods, or boiler fittings available. Also we have no drawings or any body work or tanks available to take measurements from. However, Lukas has ways and means of getting it right and we wish him the best of luck. A boiler is currently being sourced.