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RN 159 - Sandstone takes a train ride with Reefsteamers

3rd March 2006

Saturday the 29th April saw the Sandstone Heritage Trust team ride the wider rails of Spoornet on the Reefsteamers special to Bethal for the Potato Festival. The trip was the inaugural run of Class 25NC no: 3472, "Anne", after extensive boiler repairs done entirely by Reefsteamers at their facility in the old Germiston steam depot. Double heading with Class 15F no: 3016, no: 3472 performed faultlessly and effectively hauled the entire 12 coach train single handed. Sandstone Heritage Trust trustee, Wilfred Mole, rode on the footplate of 3472 to Bethal, thoroughly enjoying the experience as the adjoining photo shows!


After being treated to a healthy lunch by Reefsteamers in the dining car the Sandstone crew visited the Festival in Bethal before making their way home after a great day out.
Michelle Puddy and Nikki Garnett at lunch in the dining car
Everyone got stuck into the day!

Sandstone Heritage Trust would like to express its thanks to Elieze Lubbe, Chairman of Reefsteamers for their excellent hospitality and to Shaun Ackerman of Reefsteamers for making all possible. maybe there is life after narrow gauge after all!

Michelle Puddy enjoying a tour of the cab