Here are further photos of the repairs currently being carried out on Class 15F No. 3052.

The locomotive gauges have been recalibrated. The brake ejector, hydrostatic lubricator, Fireman’s side delivery pipes and Fireman side blow down drum have all been refitted and the Annual Boiler Inspection was done on Friday 28th July. The locomotive passed its visual inspection and will be steam tested later this week. A test run, double headed with 15F 3046 is tentatively planed for Saturday 5th August.

Further pictures show, renewed pipe work to replace that ripped off in the derailment, the tender frames being straightened and welded where cracked and the boiler number restamped into the dome and cover following recommendation by the Boiler Inspector.

2017 07 27 PHOTO 00000026

2017 07 27 PHOTO 00000027

2017 07 27 PHOTO 00000028

2017 07 27 PHOTO 00000029

Pipework 1


Pipework 2


Pipework 3


Straightening tender frame


Welding tender


2017 07 27 PHOTO 00000030