Photographs courtesy of Gavin Boy

This year our team was called upon to combine 2,300 ha of high yielding wheat on our various farms. For lands that were close to the railway we were able to make full use of our private narrow gauge railway on the farm.

With six high capacity combine harvesters operating we were able to bring in more than 500 tons of wheat per day which would tax any normal haulage system. However a double headed NG15 and NGG16 combination makes light work of the transport issue. This is an excellent example of how Sandstone, a large commercial arable farm, works hand in glove with the Sandstone Heritage Trust and its narrow gauge railway to achieve a common objective,
namely to bring in the harvest.

The train is swiftly off loaded using high technology equipment. Here is our John Deere 6820 imported from the UK working with the Canadian manufactured Agrivac designed vacuum the train clean on a most efficient basis.