Did alot of shouting trying to pack everything away after harvesting weekend! Cleaned all fires out of loco’s.
Drove the Peckett for the harvesting photo’s. Fired the NG15 No. 17 and the Garratt No. 153

Serviced the motor for the rail sprying trolley to clean the wheat on the line.

Busy doing repairs on 153, putting in a new ring for the piston cover of the left rear cover and servicing the excel boxes. Cleaned and put new oil and wool in the boxes.
Ben helped with repairing the locos used at harvest weekend, he also fired the Peckett for the photos.
Now Ben is making Scotch blocks for safety.

Repairing signal arms for the signal posts between Hoekfontein and Grootdraai.

Spraying the wheat on the line with the Wickham. Fired Little Bess for Robert Farmer's farewell.
Henk used the Wickham sprayed the weeds on the line and made a safety chain for Little Bess.
Henk also made a bush for the water pump on the spray trolley and started on the loco repairs.
Oupa helped Ben with the weed spraying and cleaned the locos and the workshop after the harvesting..
Jemina cleaned the workshop so it was sparkling and made sure the garden was looking beautiful.
Petrus cleaned the smokeboxes and locos that were running during the harvest weekend. He finished tapping the fishplate bolts and is now busy making the fishplate pairs.
Henry is on leave! See ou next time... Derick.