The Sandstone Steam team has been putting a lot of time into building the new storage line.

We have sprayed the weeds on the railway line, preparing for the Steam Weekend.
General repairs were made to NG 4.
Here you see us steaming up the locos for the Kelsey Tour group.
Preparing and cleaning the Lawley for some beautiful photos!
We prepared all the big locos very early in the morning!
Stocking the Sentinel steam truck with coal.
Steaming the crane to do the days work.
Planning for the next week:

Move all the old Garratts and other locos and wagons to the storage line.
Join together the Port Shepstone Garratt and bring it down from Vailima load onto the storage line.
Shunt all the wagons and steam portables that were used during the steam weekend back into the loco sheds.
Clean the fires and smoke boxes of all the locos and portables that were steamed during the weekend.