Lukas and his team of dedicated professionals as shown in the photograph (Left to right: Theunis, Leon, Lukas and Darby) had an opportunity to put their tools aside for the weekend (or partly put them aside) and spend time giving our locos some exercise. The NG4 which has been a real labour of love for this team was put through its paces and adjustments were made.

The fact that they were able to spend time with the locomotive was in their own words a very satisfying way of ensuring that their locomotive restoration was concluded in a tidy fashion.
In future the team will almost invariably spend as many days as are necessary to commission the locomotive that they have worked on in association with the railway staff at Sandstone Estates.

Our photograph was taken by Shaun Ackerman who is one of South Africa's most dedicated steam professionals and who heads up the team of volunteers that we rely on ever more as the years go by and as the number of locos on site increases.