As a result of purchasing the Sandstone Estates Song of the Rails DVD last year and the book ‘The First Ten Years’, I have come to really like the above locomotive.

I have grown to like it so much that I have commissioned a painting of the locomotive pulling Sandstone’s dining car - the converted ex SAR NGV-16 guards Van No 3185 and detailed on page 107 of the book.

I have also commissioned three prints of the painting.

I would very much like the prints to go to South Africa and was wondering if you could help me get them there as you know all the contact details and the best method to get them there.

I would them to go to:

1) Mr Wilfred Mole;

2) The mess room of the locomotive workshop at Sandstone where the loco was restored;
3) Mr Sam Hewitt (or is it Hewett?) the man shown on the DVD converting the guards van to the dining car.

The prints are gifts from me to Mr Mole and his workforce in appreciation of the all the effort expended in the restoration and as a thank you for the enjoyment I have obtained from the DVD and book.

I still don’t know whether I will ever get to see the locomotive, coach and Sandstone Narrow Gauge Railway yet. My son is still trying to arrange is sabbatical year in SA construction industry project manger working in the Durban area, but has yet to find employment for the year. If he does, then my wife and I may be able to arrange a visit to Sandstone as part of our holiday next year if we go to visit him.

The loco and dining car has been painted by Jonathan Clay whose web-site is here:

with kind regards

Kim Winter

Kingsley (Kim) Winter

223 Camp Road
St Albans