We completed the last coach from Port Elizabeth - machined and rebuilt the second and the last couplers.
Overhauled one of the cattle wagons' brake systems and put in new vacuum pipes under the wagon, then changed all the split pins.

The team inspected the line for defect points and looked out for sand between the rails and between the points.

We are busy building and painting doors for the Ratanga unit.

Gert Jubileus spraying the railway line for weeds after the line inspection.
Above: Making up loads for the train trips to shunt the passenger and goods wagons together.
Left: Putting the whistle on the little Funkey diesel for safety.

We are also building a wash-out system for the wash-bay outside the loco shed and putting in a bigger water tank in the ground to recycle water.

Planning for next week:

Move the Port Shepstone Garratts from Vailima.
Shunt Garratt no.88 out to get her ready for Bloemfontein.
Shunt Port Shepstone wagons to the new storage line.
Do running repairs on the locos.
Rectify Vailima halt points.
Secure loose fish plate bolts on the railway line.
Ballast stopblock at Kommandonek siding.
Spray weeds on the storage line.