We have started changing one of the Port Elizabeth coach's couplers from Norwegian couplers to Bell couplers.

Building a wooden floor for the second Port Shepstone flat wagon

Finishing the floor of the second Port Shepstone flat wagon. We are putting a steel frame around the wooden floor to make it stronger, safer and smoother.

We are also building frames for the seats in the Ratanga passenger coach and painting the inside and the outside.

Preparing the spray trolley for the weeds on the line.

Preparing the Feldbahn and Little Bess for Phillip Maurer's visit from Switzerland with Swiss TV.

Planning for next week:
Finishing the one side of the last PE coach; machining and rebuilding.
Go on with the second Port Shepsone flat wagon and finish the floor.
Start to repair and rebuild the brake system on the second Port Shepstone flat wagon.
Go on with the Ratanga wagon; finish painting and start with the window frames and hand rails.