CLASS NGG 16 number 113:
This week our prestige locomotive number 113 was shunted outside the shed for a spring change on both units. A Total of 10-driver wheel springs and one pony wheel spring was changed. We first changed the driver wheel springs and then found that one pony spring was broken on the front unit.
Number 113 suffered with her front unit slipping very easily. After close inspection we found the driver springs had collapsed after all the years and resulted in the weight being transferred to the pony wheels of the units. This problem lead to inadequate weight on the driver wheels and very low adhesion because of this. Spare springs were used and the old ones were replaced. The old springs were marked and will be sent away for re-tensioning.
We first jacked up the front unit to relieve the weight on the springs to ease removal.

Below: Derrick and Henry jacking number 113's front unit.
Below: 113 on jacks and the quarter on the spring hanger removed to take out the spring.
Below: Because of the limited space to reach the springs, we needed to really "Get into it!".
Below: The broken pony spring on 113
Below: We are very fortunate to have all spares available. Henry fitted the new pony spring to 113
After fitting the new springs to the front unit, we jacked up the rear unit.
A total of 6 driver wheel springs were fitted to the rear unit.

Below: Henry lining up the jacks before jacking up the rear unit.
This however was not the last attention 113 needed.
After the daunting task of replacing the springs on 113, she was shunted to the inspection pit for all her wedges were loosened before we could jack her and needed to be adjusted again.
Her under frame was then inspected with a hammer and all loose nuts were secured.
All the steam pipes and ball joints were secured and two brackets were fitted to secure the steam pipes.
Below: Derrick adjusting the tension on the steam ball joints of 113.
NGG 16 Number 113 STEAMS AGAIN!
On Friday the 4th of May we steamed number 113 for the second Koos Moorcraft tour. This was a good opportunity to test number 113 as well as to log all running repairs needed on her.
Below: With a fire of gold she soon raised steam, eager to haul her train over the Mountains.
Below: Our new water treatment was thrown in before taking water.
This gives the treatment the opportunity to mix well into the water.
This water treatment neutralizes the PH in the water and also removes all oxygen within the water. With this treatment it is safe to stable a boiler with the water inside without the dangers of corrosion.
Below: Henry in front of his regular locomotive just before departure with a short passenger train to Grootdraai.
Below Left: Number 113 in Hoekfontein Station.
Below right: 113 posing for a photo at Grootdraai.
After we returned from Grootdraai, we coupled up another four wagons and departed for the Pandora embankment where the traction of 113 was tested. We stopped at the most severe places on this embankment and 113 was able to pick up her load and then stormed over this mountain.
After we returned from Vailima, we shunted the Kalahari from the rear of the shed. The NG 15 will be shunted to the inspection pit in next week and will be inspected for visible defects.
NGG13 revealed a few running repairs that will be attend to in next week.
Below left: Number 113 shunting the NG 15 to the front of the shed.
Below right: Number 113, pushing all the wagons in the storage line together.
Henk machined a new regulator valve for the Feldbahn and is almost finish with it. The new valve will be fitted and the Feldbahn regulator will then be tested.
Below: The Maskin Thule shaper is used with the facing of the new valve.
Below left: Henk facing the regulator seat of the Feldbahn.
Below right: The liner plate for the regulator valve.
This week we finished the restoration of our XC wagon and she is now ready to be used on our consists.
A Overhauled vacuum cylinder was fitted as well as a new release valve. Vacuum rubber pipes and couplers were fitted. A complete braking gear overhaul was done and new brake blocks were fitted. The brakes were adjusted and the handbrakes were made workable. A Vacuum brake test and leak off test was done and she passed this tests.
Below: Oupa and Ben busy with the fitting of the overhauled vacuum cylinder.
This wagon also had a coupler change to the standard link and pin type.
Ben busy with paint touchups on the XC
New brake blocks to fit onto the XC
Below: Derrick changing the couplers of the XC
Below: Derrick, fixing the bend braking gears.
Below: The XC and 113.
WAGON number 2834
This week Ben painted the roof of this wagon and she is now ready to be used again.
This week Petrus and Ben overhauled eight vacuum cylinders. They will be painted in next week. These cylinders will be changed with defective ones, if it does occur and also on wagons under restoration.
Below: The vacuum cylinder overhauls!
Below right: New roll rings, cover joint rings, neck rings and nylon bushes.
Sometimes it is good to look back into the past to relive good memories. Below is our NG 15 number 17 on the Avontuur Adventure train. She hauled her train from Port Elizabeth to Avontuur and all the way back, almost 700 kilometers. All the little towns came to life when the NG 15 storms her way into the Stations. It brought back memories to the older people still living in these towns. This was a true adventure and although it is written up in history, we still know that number 17 is still echoing her voice in the Eastern Free State and is not standing in a dump yard to be cut up She is in good hands!
1.) Restoration of Ratanga wagon number 3
2.) 113 repairs
3.) Ng15 inspection.
4.) Restoration of Flat wagon
5.) Restoration of ST timber wagon.
6.) To shunt all unrestored wagons from Hoekfontein storage line into new storage line.
7.) To collect Hunslet in Port Shepstone.
8.) To Move semaphore signal for restoration.
9.) Track maintenance section Mooihoek to Vailima.
10.) NG 4 repairs to piston packings.
11.) To paint overhauled vacuum cylinders
12.) Couplet change to wagon 3197
13.) To finish regulator of Feldbahn
14.) To make new vacuum wasters
15.) To remove slack on curve at Vailima farm school.
16.) To clean locomotives, coaches and shed.
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