The Kerr Stuart Locomotive No. 4063 is progressing well. The last months work consisted of finally riveting up the main boiler shell i.e. finishing the outer wrapper of the firebox, riveting up the front tube plate and smoke box and fitting on the dome. We have fitted back into position the internal feed pipes and have expanded in a new regulator tube. Also this last month has consisted of a lot of machining work i.e. 150 firebox stays, 36 crown studs, 72 nuts for crown studs, 10 longitudinal nuts, 5 longitudinal studs, 1 thread gauge for the longitudinal stays. At this point in time the longitudinal stays are at Natal Inspection Services for x-raying. We have manufactured the former for the tube plate and backhead of the firebox, also numerous copper washers and set screws. We have re-furnished the firebox firder stays.

Riveting the boiler backhead.
Caulking the dome flange.
Riveting on the dome flange.
Copper washers and set screws for firebox longitudinal stays.
36 firebox crown studs.
Firebox stays.
Crown stud nuts.
Thread gauge for boiler
longitudinal stays.
Re-furbish firder stays.
Firebox tube
plate and backhead former.