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In terms of the arrangements entered into with the previous owner she must be restored and painted green... just like she was in her ACR days.

Our thanks to Hannes Paling for supplying this information...
From: "Hannes Paling"
Date: 14 March 2007 10:49:27 PM
Subject: Feedback from The Sandstone Heritage Website

Hi Joanna,

Regarding message?RN 353 I am really glad to see that? NGG 16 Number 88 is to be restored, I have a few pictures of her taken around 1988/1989 when she was realy looking smart at Port Shepstone, she also was fitted with a plate "Judy". I wonder who she was named after, perhaps some one could enlighten us on this.

I have no doubt that she will be restored to her former condition if not better by the Sandstone team, cant wait to see the result.

Please find some pictures attached.

Best regards,