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General Arrangment , Pipe Arrangement or Spare part drawings are requested for the following:

1 Avonside 1667/13 (Order No.2410?) 0-4-2T Natal Estates Ltd.
2 Avonside 1759/16 0-4-2T Zululand Sugar Milling
3 Avonside 2018/28 (Order No.7910?) 0-6-0T J.L.Hulett & Sons.
4 Avonside 2019/28 0-6-2T J.L.Hulett & Sons.
5 Avonside 2035/29 (Order No. 8360?) 0-6-0T Crookes Bros, Renishaw Estates.
6a Avonside 2055/31 0-4-4-0 Heisler for Illovo Estates. (2cyl)
6b Avonside 2057/31 0-4-4-0 Heisler for Crookes Bros. (2cyl)
7a Avonside 2058/31 0-4-4-0 Heisler for Reynolds Bros Ltd. (4cyl)
7b Avonside 2059/31 0-4-4-0 Heisler for Natal Estates Ltd. (4cyl)
8 Hunslet 1032/10 0-4-2T St Lucia Sugar Co.
9 Hunslet 1190/15 0-4-2ST St Lucia Sugar Co.
10 Hunslet 2003 & 2004/39 0-4-4-0 Heisler for Illovo Estates. (4cyl)
11 Hunslet 3361/47 0-6-2T Natal Estates Ltd.
12 Hunslet 3871/57 0-6-2T Natal Estates Ltd.
13 Kerr Stuart 764/03 0-4-2T J.L.Hulett & Sons.
Item 6a and 6b may be one and the same drawing, as also 7a and 7b and we only need one of either.
In addition, we would also like to purchase the following drawings for Kerr Stuart 4420/29. This was an experimental vertical multiple cylinder loco for Gledhow for which no GA exists:
Drg No. 33317 Frame Details
Drg No. 33410 Cab Side Windows
Drg No. 33639 GA of Boiler
Drg No. 33842 Smoke Box & Chimney
Drg No. 34131 Boiler top cover & Side Pads
Drg No. 34151 Smokebox Liner Plates & Side Doors