NGG 16, No. 88 starts coming together.

Although NGG 16, No. 88 has only been in the Bloemfontein workshop for just a little over two months, it is coming together very rapidly. When Lukas puts a locomotive in the position in which it is placed in the workshops then we know he means business. 

Smokebox tube plate ready to receive tubes:

Something the guys have done many times before - fitting the tubes.

Before we even have time to file this report on the web the job is done.

Update on Kerr Stuart NG locomotive, No. 4063.

One thing that is an absolute certainty when locos come to the Sandstone Heritage Trust restoration is that they have no motion. Obviously the brass has always gone and most of the moving, working parts do not exist. This means they have to be made. Most of the parts for the Kerr Stuart locomotive have been manufactured by hand and are shown herewith.