First and foremost we have finally got the Kerr Stuart No. 4063 boiler tight and it has passed it's hydrostatic test and it is now complete and ready for collection.

Regarding the McLaren Traction Engine No. 767, we have started stripping and cleaning various parts and particularly manufacturing a rig so that we can machine the crankshaft journals. I am waiting for profiles to arrive to manufacture the former to make up the backhead and also for materials for the horn plate and boiler firebox wrapper.

0509 - Firing the Kerr Stuart for the first time

0511 - Kerr Stuart No. 4063 ready for dispatch

0512 - A view from the firebox end

0513 - Reversing linkage and cylinders being overhauled on McLaren No. 767

0514 - Various items being cleaned and inspected on McLaren

0515 - Stripping crank shaft on the McLaren