The Sandstone Heritage Trust is involved in a discussion with various specialists to see whether our Barclay can be brought back to its original specifications. Over the years it had many different modifications including a new boiler but that caused it to drift away from its original specification. Hannes Paling, who was instrumental in making the locomotive available to the Sandstone Heritage Trust (she was our first Narrow Gauge acquisition and therefore holds a special place in our hearts), continues to assist us with background information. Hannes' latest contribution to this dialogue is below.

"I have somewhere a b&w picture of the Barclay as originally delivered in Durban, on this particular photo it did not have a name plate but the name "UMHLOTI" was painted on the side tanks in letters which I estimate about 6" high. The original locomotive was also quite extensively lined, lining was applied to the side tanks, cab sides, smoke box saddle, cylinder cleading, cab steps, sand box, boiler bands, crosshead and motion plate, outside counter weights and probably to the cab front and rear panels and possibly to the front of the water tanks as well.

If I assume that the main color was some shade of dark green then it seems that the panels were lined in black with a yellow edge, possibly the name  was also painted in yellow. This is of course pure speculation but seems the most convincing, judging from the photo. Perhaps Charlie Lewis would have a picture of her, or could shed more light on the matter, other possible sources of in formation on this and other locomotives could be John Middelton or Leith Paxton."

Hannes Paling