I am trying to find out more about a railcar designed and built by my grandfather's brother, Jim (and more about Jim). I noticed in the Web site that you are restoring a BSA railcar. I wonder if you have any information about early railcars in South Africa.

Jim built a railcar which he later sold to BSA.

From "A Catalogue of the Papers of the Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited"

MSS.19A/1/2/4 1908 Dec 2:

Scope and Content Management Committee's report to Board : alteration of working hours, trial of 50-hour week; state of orders in various departments; order for manufacture of 10 Drewry railcars.

I have a picture of the early railcar at: http://drewry.net/JimandAlf.htm [see picture below]. I believe he took this car to Africa.

Apparently another brother, Bill, worked on the railways in South Africa and disappeared out there.

Anyway, I guess, I am probably looking for a needle in a haystack but am writing to you just in case you might be able to help (and thought you could be interested in the photograph).

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