Sezela No. 3 was chosen to haul a senior citizens special train at Sandstone Estates within the last week. This was particularly timely in view of the fascinating information provided by Charlie Lewis, a doyen of the Narrow Gauge.  Charlie sent us an e-mail which featured some unique photographs of the identical locomotive working more than 50-years ago. Charlie comments as follows:
"These Kodachromes are almost 50 years old but they have kept their colours remarkably well.  As you can see, it seems a more dignified shade of green.  No 3 was identical to No 1, from the same batch of Avonsides built in 1915.  Note the original condition of these engines with Stephenson's link motion and no balloon stack.  This was the last season they ran before conversion to Walschaerts valve gear.  The drivers all complained that the conversions made the engines weaker."
We have studied these photographs and to return the locomotive to its original state certain modifications have to be made.  These will be attended to in due course.

C85 Sugar, Sezela, No1, crossing No8 on the Nil Desperandum line, October 1959 red

C91Sugar, Sezela No1, Nil Desperandum line, October 1959 red