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RN 223 - Report back from Sean Ackermann on the steam run for the Feldbahn and the Peckett

What a wonderful day we had at Sandstone with Lukas joining us. We steamed the Peckett and Feldbahn, did the neccesary checks and sorted out the minor teething troubles then we steamed both the locomotives to Grootdraai where we had a braai our traditional way!

The locomotives both steamed and ran like Swiss watches and a good day was had by all on the warm winters day in the Eastern Free State.

Again a thumbs up to yourself and Lukas and his team for another succesfull rescue and restoration. Pat and I will unload the Sentinal tommorow and steam run her too, we will update you with pictures from then too.

Lukas Nel looking very proud next to his handiwork, and so he should be!
The Feldbahn leaving the steamshed
The Feldbahn and the Peckett at Grootdraai
The Peckett taking on water with driver, Pat Ackermann
From left to right: Henk and Sean having a "Braai the traditional way".