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RN 250 - A Change of FLugel - by Kerry Young

15th September 2006

And so it was to be sure! Ah, what a difference it makes, to be able to work without the cold biting into your back! So what of today?....................


First up, we've got water in the pit. Second, the pump won't pump. Third, get Ray (a plumber by trade) to take a look at the thing. Intake valves seized, very solid. Still water in the pit at 'go home' time, so assume pump repairs not successful.
R14 in its new guise. The timber within (remember?) gets fresh air to dry with, but little rain.
The 'L' wagon from last week has been started on. Bob's right into it.
How do you undo the rusted nuts on coach bolts? With a slitting disc of course!
Still on the 'L' wagon, Roger addresses all the uncrowned heads. L to R, Ian McDonald, new member Jane, mighty, mirthful Max, Sir Colin and our omnipresent Roger, supporting the broom. Kind hearted abuse being happily shared. Why? It's free of course!
So who is Jane? A young lady, recently joined and more or less attached to the sparkies. Seen here, cleaning conductor cable clips for the overhead.
A1177 proceeding well. Soffits and associated timberwork in place. So good to see.
Our example of a steel panelled guards van. Showing a tasteful assortment of colours. One of the latest items of rolling stock we would have I think. (Correction Colin?) Took this picture while it was unobscured by other rolling stock. Used to be around in their hundreds. That's it for this time folks. Cheers, 'K'.