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RN 267 - Solidarity expressed on behalf of British preservationists.

10th October 2006

The NBL Preservation Group representing the interests of the massively influential North British Locomotive company is expressed in an e-mail to the Sandstone Heritage Trust which we publish herewith.


"I've recently seen various items of correspondence regarding the preservation of 25NC No. 3488 and your own letter setting out some of the aims and achievements of your Sandstone organisation.
Please allow me this opportunity to comment on some of these issues and set out the views of the UK based NBL Preservation Group.

I'm sure that I speak for all our members in saying that we appreciate and applaud what is being done by yourself and other organisations to save steam in your country and that South Africa and is obviously the rightful home for the vast majority of these fine engines.

We see our own efforts to preserve a representative selection of South African steam locomotives in the UK as Complementary to your own activities and in no way in competition with them. There are limited physical and financial resources available for all our projects and my own view is that these resources will be put to better use
if we take a co-ordinated rather than fragmented approach.

Congratulations on what you have achieved so far, I hope very much that we can all work together to provide a safe and secure future for as many South African steam locomotives as possible."

Yours Sincerely,
Ken Livermore
Hon. Secretary
NBL Preservation Group