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RN 277 - Keith Stevens reports - The O & K locomotive No. 10311

2nd November 2006

This month we completed the O & K Firebox. We did get somewhat delayed with this project due to the exceptionally heavy rains which we have experienced here in Howick. However, we fitted the firebox into the boiler and found that we had to make a small adjustment on the firebox ring, thereafter everything fitted "as snug as a bug in a rug".

We then carried on to rivet up and caulk.

We manufactured 72 short threaded stays, drilled for test leakage holes and also 10 long ones for on the firebox
crown. Inside the firebox, all stays have been hand-peened over and the outside peened over with the use of a riveting gun. We fitted the firebox tube plate centre stay to the boiler barrel.

The tanks and cab were then painted.

The firebox ready to fit into the boiler
Knocking down the final rivet
Firebox in, drilling & reaming rivet holes
The firebox being fitted to the boiler
Tapping out the stay holes
The stays in place
Peening stays on the inside of the firebox
The Painted Cab
The Painted Tank