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HTN 40 - Come and join us at Sandstone Estates for our annual Harvest Festival!

The National SAVTEK Vintage Tractor and Engine Show for 2005 was held in the beautiful Western Cape hamlet of Villiersdorp.
The Sandstone team were warmly received by the community and had thoroughly good time during the three day show.
With nearly 300 tractors and stationary engines on display there was a feast of well restored machinery for everyone to enjoy and become involved with.
On behalf of the Sandstone Heritage Trust thanks to the people of the Western Cape, to the organisers of this great show, to the office bearers of the various clubs involved and specifically to Eniel Viljoen, Hennie Richter, Koos Strydom and Andy Selfe who went out of their way to make sure that we were made very welcome.
A Vintage Tractor and Engine Museum has now opened in Villiersdorp which we urge people to visit when they are in the area.
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