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HTN 48 - High Ranking Kelsey Publishing deputation visits the SWAT Team in the Cape, report from Andy Selfe

High Ranking Kelsey Publishing deputation visits the SWAT Team in the Cape

Gordon Wright and his wife Suzanne of Kelsey Publishing UK had, I think, a wonderful day down here with us last Tuesday. They had had every second planned for them by their family while they were up North, but they did manage a visit to Deon Bouwer, and were shown the Arthur Prescott Hall at RSME. (Arthur had been invested in the Stationary Engine Hall of Fame many years ago.... he used to visit shows in UK and tell people he'd just quickly popped in to the show from Jo'burg!).

Philip Gray-Taylor and Arthur Wilding picked them up from their hotel in Cape Town, took them to Philip's house and collection in Milnerton.

From there they went up to Blaauberg, to show the visitors an unforgettable sight:
I met up with them at Boschendal Manor House, where we were able to show them a Stately Cape Dutch farmhouse.

Our next call was Arthur Wilding's amazing collection of old iron at Groot Drakenstein. Gordon's camera was snapping away at all the amazing engines, tractors, steam engines, windmills.... well something of everything!

Here Gordon hands us a hard bound copy of Patrick Knight's A-Z of British Stationary Engines, signed by Gordon and Patrick himself.
Next stop was at an HMG (Hanseatische Motoren Werke) two stroke Hot Bulb engine still in its place of work, very complete, and eminently restorable.
FLTR: Arthur Wilding, Andy Selfe, Philip Gray-Taylor, and Gordon Wright. (SWAT stands for Selfe, Wilding and Taylor).

After climbing over the spectacular Franschhoek Pass we were entertained at the new Villiersdorp Tractor & Engine Museum, with a great meal at the Kelkiewyn Restaurant, which is part of the complex, all under the wing of Villiersdorp Co-op. Between courses, we were able to view the exhibits in this already full-to-bursting museum.

Then over the Viljoens Pass to the Elgin Valley, where we were able to show them one of the five Clayton & Shuttleworth Trusty engines known to exist, at my workshop. This one is the largest, we are all involved with the project of its restoration. Also a Fairbanks Morse YH engine, a project which has appeared in the pages of Gordon's Stationary Engine Magazine.

On to my farm, and more old iron, and more engines and driven machines which have appeared in the pages of Kelsey Magazines. A look around the farm at the high density apple plantings brought us to a time when we had to head back to Cape Town, an hour away. This time over Sir Lowry's Pass, to be able to see the twinkling lights of False Bay suburbs and Cape Town itself, with the form of Table Mountain from a different angle, just fading into darkness.

For us it will be unforgettable, I hope it will be the same for them!

Andy Selfe