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HTN 121 - Out with the new and in with the old - Caterpillar 120H grader

4th August 2006

As part of its policy of putting older equipment to work Sandstone Estates has disposed off its Caterpillar 120H Grader which has done a lot of the railway construction work on behalf of the Sandstone Heritage Trust. The workload has dropped and we have therefore commissioned our CAT 12 Grader.

Dating back to the 1950's this Grader is in excellent condition. It was originally fully rebuilt by Charles Terry, a Caterpillar engineer of great experience. Here are some pictures of the work been done by Charles. More recently the machine was serviced in-depth by Zach van Staden & Associates,
also a professional Earth Moving organisation with considerable experience on the older CAT machines.

The machine now takes its rightful place as the number one road grader at Sandstone Estates.
This programme of replacing the new with the old will continue.