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HTN 136 - Improved asset management - in with the old and the new

15th September 2006

Sandstone Estates has commenced a programme whereby it is beginning to sell modern equipment but only if we have an item in our heritage collection which is of similar specification. This programme has been extremely successful. Nearly R10 million worth of capital equipment has been disposed of and has been replaced in all cases by vintage items which cost in total probably less than R200,000.

Obviously maintenance was necessary on the old items but they are working hard. Since we are not contractors we are not working to deadlines, and so if we have a road to grade or a dam to build we
are not under any particular deadline. Certainly the big improvement in the cash flow resulting from the implementation in this policy has been a positive move for the business and indicates a very improved level of asset management. Our photograph shows our CAT 120H leaving Sandstone Estates.

All its work functions have been replaced by our CAT 12 Grader seen working below.