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HTN 150 - South African Defence Force / School of Armour Officers visit Sandstone Estates.

1st November 2006

The School of Armour based in Bloemfontein recently used our facilities at Sandstone Estates for an Officers training course. Not only were there senior South African Officers and students on the course, but a special invitation had been extended to officers from both the Botswana Defence Force and the Zimbabwe National Defence Force. Our photographs show the group taking time off to enjoy an experience dating from another era.

These photographs were taken very close to the Lesotho border and we hope that insurgents who regularly come across the border to breach our security arrangements took note of the presence of this highly disciplined, well organised group.

The School of Armour has an excellent museum. For further details on their
activities go to: (Joanna, please insert the web site). Tel: (051)

It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and we hope that they will come back next year.

When we got to Vailima the locomotive had to be rewatered which means lots of hands.
We were impressed with the way in which the Army Officers jumped to attention and assisted the crews to water the locomotive.