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HTN 171 - South African Sentinel restoration - Old Glory Magazine - January 2007

1st January 2007

Credits go to Old Glory Magazine - 01507 529306
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The text reads:

"South African Sentinel restored"

The steam preservation programme at the Sandstone Heritage Trustestate in the Eastern Free State of South Africa continues unabated with the recent completion of S4 Sentinel Waggon No. 9178 and a 1915 Feldbahn locomotive.

The S4 has had its first couple of days of trial steaming at which it ran impeccably, with no further modifications required.
Keith Stevens has restored the S4 from a very poor condition and has made an outstanding job. Such is the level of motivation upon its completion that Sandstone Trust boss Wilfred Mole and a group of friends are planning to steam it down to the Cape and back in 2007 - a journey of nearly 2000 miles.
The ex-Sena Sugar Estates Marromeu No. 2 'Feldbahn' 0-8-0TT locomotive No. 13779 was built by Henschel in 1915. During WW1 the German Military set up a series of field railways (Feldbahn) to serve various military installations and ultimately front-line positions.
After the armistice, numerous examples of these locomotives were sold around the world including at least 13 to Sena Sugar Estates for use on the Marromeu and Luabo systems. DFB 498 became Sena No. 2.