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HTN 185 - The Sandstone Heritage Trust doesn't just operate at Sandstone Estates

21st February 2007

The Sandstone Heritage Trust doesn't just operate at Sandstone Estates in the Eastern Free State. It has another property between Johannesburg and Pretoria where a number of interesting items are maintained and restored.

The emphasis at Hogsville is more on vintage tractors and classic vehicles.

The garage illustrated in these photographs was recently revamped by Wilfred Mole and Charles Viljoen over a two day period.
The centrepiece is a restored 1937 Filling Station, which used to be on the Krugersdorp to Pretoria Road. It is currently being used as the centre for classic car maintenance and has a relaxing ambience which is unashamedly time warped.
The oldest operating vehicle in the collection is a 1908 International Harvester Farmer's Buggy. Unfortunately it is too old to be an entrant in the London to Brighton Run, so we are trying to work out where else to take it for a drive. Note the interesting and varied collection of original oil cans and other items on display.
Caption for 091: The other regular inhabitant of the garage is a 1947 MGTC which has been in the collection since 1968.
There are many beautifully restored items, such as this wall mounted drill. The bulk of the restorations were carried out by Neville Botha, who also has a magnificent collection of relevant motoring items at home. Our thanks go to Neville for the wonderful work that he has done for us.
Over the years we have collected a number of these chariots which are very symbolic of a long forgotten age of motoring. Once again, our thanks to Neville for restoring these items so beautifully.
We are fortunate in having many dedicated individuals who look after our assets. Beatus, our security guard, is never far away.
A wonderful set of shelves from an old haberdashery store provide us with an ability to store unlimited amount of spares in orderly fashion.