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The Sandstone Heritage Trust has a fully fledged Library run by a highly qualified and experienced Librarian, Judy le Grange. Judy has been quietly collating, collecting, indexing and reissuing documentation covering all our heritage activities for some years. Recently we have received reports of libraries closing down, books being discarded and private collections of books being thrown away. Very often a document that is worthless to one person can prove invaluable to another. This also applies to mechanical drawings.

We would like to make the contents of our Library available to fellow enthusiasts and at the same time we would like to request that you bear us in mind if you have documentation regarding agricultural machinery, locomotives, military vehicles, implements etc. that you do not need. We will collect anywhere in SA.

To give you a small glimpse of what is available, please find attached a recent update from Judy on the locomotive drawings that we have at our disposal.

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Below is an example from the catalogue library showing a Massey Harris catalogue issued in 1945