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RN 40 - A piece of modern traction history

We have obtained a photograph of the English Electric works during our research into our DE2 locomotive no: 1207. The photograph is copyright and courtesy of Alstom Transport Ltd, the successors to English Electric.

The photograph taken in 1955 shows on the left DE2 no: 1203, which was used for all the publicity photographs for the DE2 locos, hence the banners all over the loco. Behind that is another DE2 having an engine test. Behind that is the prototype British Railways “Deltic” unit, while at its rear is a row of SAR 5E electric units. The centre row comprises an unidentified 750hp diesel with an SAR 5E behind it. On the right are two of the ubiquitous BR “08” 350hp diesel shunters and a line up of other units, most probably for export. This is a real piece of history when Britain supplied the world’s railways with motive power.