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RN 26 - Beira Railways archive pictures surface in Portugal

RN_26_01_beira_railways_FP Beira Railways archive pictures surface in Portugal

Carlos Vieria from Portugal has kindly supplied a lot of information on the Beira Railway from his private collection. This has a bearing on Sandstone Heritage Trust as this is the original owner of our Lawley locomotive.
Brief History of the Beira Railway:
April 1890 Arrival of Engineer Poubin in Beira, to start work on the route of the new Beira line
15 January 1891 A military expedition sent to Beira in charge of Captain Renato Baptista
11 June 1891 Portugal signs a treaty with Great Britain. Its purpose was for a project for a railway line between the coast and Machona. A six month period was given
4 August 1891 Captain Renato Baptista, a military engineer was given order by Antonio ???? to begin study on project
1 September 1891 Henry Theodore van Laun presents the base of his contract for construction of the Beira line
10 October 1891 Companhia de Mocambique – this was how the colony of Mozambique was known – grants the rights of construction to the Dutchman van Laun to build the line
7 December 1891 Henry T van Laun signs agreement with British South Africa Company
3 March 1892 Alterations to the contract in the name of van Laun approved
September 1892 Work begins on the line
1 November 1894 First trains reach Chimoio
September 1892 Work begins on the Beira to Fontesvilla section
July 1896 The rights of the line Beira to Fontesvilla opens on 22 January of the following year
3 April 1897 Mashonaland Railway Company formed
December 1897 Line reaches Nova Macequece.
10 July 1900 New service begins on the wide gauge (3ft 6in).
1 April 1926 Beira works buys from Beira Junction the harbour and other assets
18 July 194? All rights of Companhia de Mocambique cease.
1 January 1949 Beira harbour returns to the government.
1 October 1949 Caminhos de Ferro de Beira – Beira Railways returns to the Portugese Government.