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RN14 Guest Gallery No 3 - Dennis Moore

In our third guest gallery we have a stunning selection of pictures from Dennis Moore, taken during July & August 2004. They feature NGG11 No: 55, NGG16 No: 113 & the O&K 0-4-0T.

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rn14_1s rn14_2s rn14_3s
rn14_4s rn14_5s rn14_6s
rn14_7s rn14_8s rn14_9s
rn14_11s rn14_12s
rn14_13s rn14_14s rn14_15s
rn14_16s rn14_17s rn14_18s
rn14_19s rn14_20s rn14_21s
rn14_23s rn14_24s rn14_25s