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Sandstone Heritage Trust's NGG13 Garratt no 49 takes the sun.

After a two year restoration at Sandstone Heritage Trust's Bloemfontein facility 2 ft gauge Class NGG13 Garratt locomotive no 49 (Hanomag 10599/1928) takes its first rays of sunlight in super shine condition. The locomotive, which lay derelict at the back of Spoornet's Springs steam depot for some 10 years in the company of now restored Class NG15 no 17 prior to transfer to Sandstone, is almost ready for the move to the Sandstone Heritage Trust running line near Ficksburg.At present the locomotive is missing a number of non ferrous parts which have been used to complete the Class NGG11 Garratt no.55 recently out shopped by Sandstone for the Paton Country Railway at Ixopo. Sandstone has committed to PCNGR that these parts may be utilised on no.55 until they can obtain replacements. As soon as these parts can be obtained from an alternative source no.49 will commissioned and will be the only operating Class NGG13 in the world. RN_09_01_rn9_s

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