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RN 87 - NGG 16. No. 88

Errol Ashwell has supplied us with some vintage photographs of NGG 16 No. 88 working the Banana Express in the 1970s.

This was later purchased privately and used during the early days of the ACR until it was set aside in need of repair. Purchased by Sandstone in 2003 it is now in the early stages of restoration, having been partially stripped down for assessment.
No. 88 is one of only four NGG 16 Garratts built under licence by John Cockerill of Seraing, Belgium in 1937.

Of these four, nos. 85 to 88 three are owned by Sandstone, the missing example being no. 87 which is currently for sale in the UK, none of them being in working order.


Sandstone already has no.153 a restored Hunslet Taylor example built in 1968, and no. 113 a restored Beyer Peacock example built in1939, so no. 88 will complete a full set of NGG 16 builders. With NGG 13 no. 49 which was built by Hanomag of Germany, nobody can complain about a lack of variety.