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RN 85 - Steam Shed weekly report - 12th - 18th August 2005

NGG 153 was steamed again to haul a train to Vailima Halt. Paul Stratford, a UK rail and vintage tractor journalist, visited us on this day and enjoyed a day with Dave Richardson on our narrow gauge line.

153 were fired up early in the morning and were ready to take the train out at 09H00. On return to the shed, we all rushed to get the Kalahari ready to be loaded the next day.



Arno fitted two brass strips to the cylinder covers on both sides, while Petrus and Oupa were busy with polishing the brass on the Kalahari. The tender was washed out and the last repairs were done.

RN_85_03 RN_85_04
RN_85_06 RN_85_07


The Kalahari was steam tested before she was loaded.
NGG number 153 was steamed again to haul the Kalahari to Vailima where we could load it more easily. We departed at 12H00 and proceeded very slowly towards Vailima.


ABOVE: A photo of the Kalahari just before departure for Vailima.

We first loaded the locomotive on the one low bed and then the tender on the second low bed.

RN_85_09 RN_85_10

153 was used to push the Kalahari and tender onto the low beds.

RN_85_10 RN_85_12

The Kalahari's tender was uncoupled and moved away from the low bed. The locomotive was secured properly with chains and moved away to sleep over in the Sandstone yard, ready for departure early on Wednesday morning.

RN_10b RN_85_14

We departed 06H00 on Wednesday morning, bound for Port Elizabeth.

RN_85_15 RN_85_16

The first night we slept over at Cradock and we left early Thursday morning for the last section of the journey. This is the greatest, to load a locomotive, take it all the way, operate it and then bring it home again.

We arrived at Humewood depot 15H00 the Thursday and we all were very delighted to have the locomotive safe and sound at her destination. Local journalists welcomed us at the Humewood Diesel depot.


After an exhausting trip we took some time off in the afternoon and visited the sea side.

RN_85_18 RN_85_19
Vrystaaters at the sea!
We offloaded the Kalahari on Friday morning. The Humewood Diesel depot is very well equipped and we could easily offload the locomotive and tender with the help of the friendly Spoornet guys that work there.
A special thanks to all the Spoornet guys at Humewood.

After the locomotive was offloaded, we assembled the tender to the locomotive again. We started with the final touches of the cleaning of the locomotive and got her ready to be steam tested again.




Greetings, Gert.