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RN 78 - Sandstone Heritage Trust Plans extension to Narrow Gauge Railway System

Having completed the last 3-km sector of line which joins Vailima Heights to the main line at Pandora, consideration is being given to a special extension to the line to take it down to the scenic Hoekfontein dam area. This would be a single branch line which would terminate in the area immediately across from the lake (see picture attached). Although only 1.7-kms in length, it opens up a beautiful area of Sandstone Estates hither to unknown to visitors. It will be particularly useful when small industrial and Sugar Cane type locos are deployed simultaneously with larger NGG 16, NGG 13 and NG 15 type locomotives. Traffic levels on the main line can make it difficult to operate smaller trains, and the opening of a special branch line will provide us with the opportunity to effectively offer two experiences at the same time.

The arrival of the 1899 Decauville and the pending arrival of the Kerr Stuart Wren type locomotive in a few weeks time makes this possibility all the more exciting. The company currently does not have sufficient 2-ft narrow gauge sleepers to complete this section but we are currently searching for 1,500 of these. All the other materials are in stock. If anyone knows where narrow gauge sleepers can be obtained we would be most grateful if they could contact Dave Richardson, Cell:082 447 9167