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RN 72 - Work continues on Feldbahn locomotive

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Work is continuing on the ex Sena Feldbahn locomotive recently returned from Europe.

It has been completely stripped down and a list of the missing parts compiled. An assessment of the boiler is currently being carried out using some high tech equipment imported from overseas. This establishes the thickness of the boiler plates and thus its suitability for repair and further use. Early signs are encouraging.

There are also some photographs of restored Feldbahns in France taken by European enthusiast Phillipe Maurer. This is what the finished article should look like. Note by the way the very nice little turntable! (Below right).

A very interesting item on the Feldbahn locomotives is the Klein Lindner type of axle. Originally fitted to the front and rear, the latter has been removed and a plain axle substituted, with wheel flanges removed. This form of construction served instead of a leading pony truck, enabling an extra set of driving wheels to be fitted at the expense of considerable extra complexity. One side effect is that it seems to make it difficult if not impossible to turn the tyres in a conventional fashion. RN_72_02feldbahn_on_turntable_in_f_
RN_72_03feldbahn_on-arrival_sm RN_72_04feldbahn_one_week_after_ar_ RN_72_05descaling_inside_of_feldba_
RN_72_06engineer_thickness_testing_ RN_72_06.5klein_lindner_axle_removed_ RN_72_08klein_lindner_parts-cleane_


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