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RN 64 - Weekly Report - 1 - 7th July - Sandstone Estates steam locomotives



GMAM 4079:
GMAM 4079 was moved last Friday to a new era of her life at Rovos Rail. It was sad to see her going away, but it is heaven to know that she will be used again at Rovos Rail. The class 34 diesel from Spoornet arrived at Ficksburg station just before six o'clock in the morning. Eight empty DZ's were coupled to the GMAM for effective braking capability and for safety reasons.
The connecting rods were loaded on one of the DZ wagons. The Rovos team escorted the Garratt on her long run to her new home.
This photo was taken early last Friday morning.

RN_63_02 RN_63_03
NGG 16, No. 113 was washed out last Friday, that was needed after the acid wash procedure. It is amazing to see the amount of scale that came out of the boiler and think that it was worthwhile doing the acid wash on the boilers.
The wheels of the Hunslet will be delivered this Saturday. Des will immediately start with the machining of the bushes. The Hunslet locomotive will be back in service by next Wednesday, just in time to work the ballast trains on the new laid track.

The flat wagon brakes were adjusted and vacuum brake tested. It still needs to be stencilled.

RN_63_04 RN_63_05

Wagon 2836: (top left)
The brake gear of this wagon was removed and will now be de-scaled. The vacuum chamber tank was removed and the bogies will be taken out in next week.

Wagon 4003: (top right)
This wagon was not scheduled to be next. This wagon is loaded with 300 steel sleepers and we had to take the wagon to Vailima and offload it for the new railway line. The wagon first came to the pit and is in pretty good shape. She will be used as one of our old dirty wagons especially for the photographers who prefer to photograph the dirty wagons.

This week was a very busy week at Sandstone Estates. Trains ran up and down, carrying rail material to Vailima Halt and Vailima station, the 1961 model Coles crane loading the 1955 Diamond T, with the low bed, with rails, tractors pulling rails one by one to where the plate layers were busy securing rails to the steel sleepers.
Monday morning NGG 13 no. 49 was steamed to work the material train. DZ wagons were used to load the steel sleepers onto and our new Funkey diesel locomotive was used for shunting while we waited for steam on no. 49.

RN_63_06 At 16h00 the DZ's were loaded with 1250 steel sleepers and we departed for Vailima Halt where the wagons could be offloaded.









Vailima Station was blocked with wagons loaded with sleepers and bales.

A total of 400 x ten metre 60lb rails, and 2500 steel sleepers were moved this week to the site where Goldfields Track is busy with the building of the new railway line extension.
Triple meet: Here is no. 49 meeting the Coles crane that was busy offloading the rails from the Diamond T.
RN_63_15 Two hundred rails were delivered at Vailima Halt and two hundred rails were delivered at Vailima. Tractors were used to pull the rails all the way to where the platelayers needed them. The steel sleepers are loaded by hand onto trailers and are dropped down while the tractor is moving slowly.
(left) Here is a photo of a rail being tied to the tractor with a sling.

Goldfields Track is making huge progress and I am impressed by the speed they operate.
Here are photos of the earth moving that was done, as well as the newly laid track.

RN_63_16 17b


Class 15F number 3026 at Hennenman station May 1990


Steam Greetings, Gert