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RN 55 - Weekly Steamshed Report - 27th May - 07th June 2005

Des fitted the new machined slide bar and crosshead slippers to the Barclay. He only has to fit the connecting rod and do the valve setting. Due to all the 3'6" locomotive and wagon moving, we could not test her this week. She will be steamed on Monday.


RN_55_02 Derrick did all the modifications that were needed to change the black water tank wagon to the acid wash tank. Modifications to the valves were needed. Derrick also built another house for the softeners and should finish the houses by next Thursday.
We shall start with the acid wash on Monday and will do all the boilers. As soon as we are finished with the acid wash, the boiler inspector will inspect the 5 boilers due for boiler inspection.

Petrus painted two of the ex Sena Baguley Drewry diesel locomotives (below left) outside the shed.

RN_55_03 RN_55_04

Arno stencilled another 3 B wagons. Petrus de-scaled the flat wagon that is to be used for the wooden crates. Arno sprayed the flat wagon and Ben will now do the wooden floor. The crates that we are going to use on the flat wagon arrived at the farm and will be fitted onto it as soon as Ben can finish the floor. (Above right).

Arno shall start on Monday with restoration of the last AY Ballast Wagon. This AY needs a lot of attention and will keep Arno busy for a while. Henry painted the roof of the Mobile Workshop and fitted lights and switches in the inside.



We had to lift the front side of the DZ with the crane to build rails under it. The crane luckily managed to lift it high enough.




The scariest part of this was that we could not get a proper rail panel under it. We first had to build a line to get the front of the DZ on the storage line and then had to re-lay the track again to at the back of the DZ on the storage line.

After we finished the offloading of the DZ, we started with the earth moving for the temporary line where we could offload the Class 10 CR.


RN_55_09b RN_55_09


Another ten-metre rail panel was build and all the panels were loaded and taken to Hoekfontein Station.

Karel did the levelling of the ground where we wanted to build the temporary line. We started to lay the rail panels and used ballast at the first two rail panels where the 10CR will stand.

We lifted and packed the first two panels after we ballasted it. We extended the line by 60 metres to enable us to offload the locomotive and tender.

RN_55_10 RN_55_11

We had to use one of the rail panels to extend the gap over the gooseneck of the low bed.
We loaded all the panels and sleepers needed to load the 10CR and started early on Wednesday morning.

RN_55_12 RN_55_13

We again had to build a wooden bridge of 11,27 meters, to connect the panel on the low bed, over the gooseneck to the line on which the 10CR was standing.

At 16h30 Wednesday, she was on the low bed. I must admit that Oom Baas is the best truck driver I have seen. At 17h10, she was secured and was on her way to sleep in the yard at Hoekfontein station.

Early this morning, we took her to Hoekfontein station. We again had to build the wooden bridge and at 12h00 she was safe on the ground.

RN_55_14 RN_55_15

We loaded the rail panel and wooden sleepers and left to Vailima again to load the tender.
At 16h00 the tender was loaded and we left for Hoekfontein again. The tender will be offloaded tomorrow. We then shall break up the temporary line. These panels will be used for the 365 metre storage line at the shed.

Oupa will start on Monday with the cleaning and painting of the 10CR. We will have to replace some of the lagging, for it is badly rusted with holes in. This locomotive must look like a shining star.
When we extend the storage line at the shed, the DZ will be moved downwards to the shed. The DZ will then be cleaned and will be painted with the rust bond paint.



I visited Kommandoneck Station today. All the wagons and coaches is still OK, and there is no sign of any vandalism at all.
The other two DZ wagons from St Helena, arrived at Kommandoneck station this morning.


RN_55_20 (Note: The 10CR, a 4-6-2 built by North British Locomotiove Co. in 1910, works no. 19199, SAR no. 771, will be on display at the head of the four historic coaches rescued from the Train Restaurant at Midrand, Gauteng, giving the appearance of a period passenger train. Geoff Pethick)