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RN 54 - 1899 Decauville just waits for its plates

RN_54_01finishing_tn RN_54_02_1899_1tn
Sandstone's 1899 Decauville has now been fully reassembled by Lukas Nel and his expert team and been painted in a very attractive maroon livery lined in grey/white. It just awaits its replica worksplates and name plates before returning to Sandstone's rail system for commissioning. The accompanying photographs show the amazing attention to detail that has gone into the restoration which has been completed in a period of about six months. Lukas and his team deserve many congratulations for turning the rusty hulk they received into the pristine locomotive that has resulted, the only working example of the Decauville Type 1 in the world. RN_54_03_head_tn